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The Next Evolution of USA REBA!

We are proud to announce that the USA Regional Excellence Book Awards is merging into our other two outstanding award contests!

 After careful consideration, we have concluded that by expanding the Regional categories of our prestigious National Indie Excellence Awards and the Beverly Hills International Book Awards, authors can take advantage of the promotional power and prestige of these two well-established contests.

While we are confident that being in the same family with these other awards has benefitted past USA REBA award recipients, we believe this new evolution will be even more beneficial to the new entrants in this year and the coming years.

We look forward to receiving your wonderful books in our contests.

Ellen Reid


Here are the Winners & Finalists of the 2nd Annual REBA awards!

We appreciate everyone who submitted your books and
applaud you all for your excellent work.

View Winners & Finalists

What Is a “Regional Book?”

From our perspective, any book that takes place in or captures the spirit of a region is a regional book.

... your book doesn’t have to be “about” a region to be accepted for entry, it just needs to give readers a sense of a place.

Does that mean a crime novel that shows the seamy side of New York, or Philadelphia, Seattle or LA? Sure.

What about a cookbook featuring foods of New Orleans, or a book of Tex-Mex flavors? Yes.

Would a travel book about the historic sites of New England or the Grand Canyon or places along the Mississippi River qualify? You bet.

Could you enter a book about the 49ers in Alaska, the San Francisco Fire, Hurricane Katrina, or the history of Las Vegas? Absolutely.

Do you have a romance novel set on a potato farm in Idaho or a cotton plantation in Georgia, Mississippi or Texas? How about a cowboy novel about the Old (or New) West? That works.

In other words, your book doesn’t have to be “about” a region to be accepted for entry, it just needs to give readers a sense of a place.

We are accepting submissions now for the 2016 USAREBA awards.

Thank you so much, Julie and Marsha, for all you do for authors!

As an author, you must take charge of the promotion of your book by investing in key pieces of book publicity to spread the word and increase visibility for your work. This includes entering book award contests. The authors that we represent have found this contest to be a terrific way to bring attention to their books, garner more third party validation and provide another hook for promotion after the book has already been published and out for a while. Do your self a favor and enter today!

— Julie Schoerke, founder JKS Communications, A Literary Publicity Firm

When a book wins a contest, it gives the book more credibility to the media, especially with so many books published every year.  But I think the value may be even greater to consumers, (assuming the contest winner uses it in all their marketing)  it's a great endorsement for readers.  We all use a variety of different measures when considering what new book to read…. but having that stamp on it says loud and clear - this book is a winner!   That stamp is a statement that weighs heavily in its favor to everyone from the media to consumers. 

— Marsha Friedman, Chief Executive Officer, EMSI Public Relations

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